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Board Roles and Responsibilities

The President shall:

  • Preside over all meetings of the chapter and business meetings
  • Ensure officer positions are filled, and oversee Officer Nominations and the election process
  • Represent the association on all official chapter matters
  • Oversee all association activities with and through the other officers
  • Ensure all non-profit requirements are met in a timely fashion
  • Vote on issues only to break a tie, in order to remain a neutral facilitator of chapter business
  • Identify a standing President Pro Temp (back-up) when the President is not available for the Chapter or Executive Board Meetings
  • If President has not identified the President Pro Temp, a majority of Chapter Officers will select and vote on which Officer will fulfill the role


The Vice President of Finance shall:

  • Be custodian of all chapter funds
  • Receive all monies and disburse funds only upon the sanction of the Executive Board and/or chapter membership
  • Submit written financial reports to HDI as required
  • Submit books and records for audit when required
  • File all tax forms and update State IRS Agency registration information as required
  • Submit annual budget for chapter to HDI as required


The Vice President of Programs shall:

  • Identify topics, speakers, and chapter meeting agendas
  • Solicit hosts, locations and presenters for each meeting
  • Communicate with appropriate Executive Board members about the upcoming meetings and events
  • Serve as primary contact person for fielding educational program ideas and requests


The Vice President of Special Events handles the development and implementation of chapter special events. This VP works with Local Chapter Board to schedule and coordinate special events

  • Negotiates and contracts with event vendors
  • Main point of contact for event venues
  • Reviews and signs all Banquet Event Orderes (BEOs) and AV orders
  • Contacts, coordinates and negotiates vendors for the event, including rentals, entertainment and catering
  • Works with the VP of Finance to ensure event stays within the set budget
  • Coordinates with HDI National for insurance certificate, if requried by venue
  • Oversees and delegates tasks to the Local Chapter Board


The Vice President of Communication shall:

  • Maintain and/or provide chapter communication channels (i.e. website and / or social media) with current information on chapter events, programs and sponsors
  • Ensure minutes are taken and posted in a timely fashion to HDI for chapter and Executive Board meetings
  • Submit to HDI at least one copy of all announcements, newsletters and other materials that are produced and distributed by the chapter
  • Ensure chapter promotes National, Regional and Local events provided by HDI


The Vice President of Membership shall:

  • Design and implement strategies for building Association membership
  • Keep membership records
  • Keep attendance records of the membership
  • Recruit new members


The Vice President of Vendor Relations shall:

  • Design and implement strategies for building relationships with Vendor Partners
  • Keep records of Vendor Partner benefits and ensure delivery of those benefits
  • Partner with Vice President of Finance and Executive Board to ensure funds raised through Vendor Partner relationships do not exceed the financial needs of the chapter